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Seven Verses To Look At Regarding Your Marriage!

Earlier this week I asked our church to read through Philippians 2:1-11 every morning and pray two things…

  • Jesus, let me see the areas I fall short in serving my spouse…and
  • Jesus, let me see my spouse through your eyes.

I hope you are doing that and that God is showing you some amazing things.  AND…if you want to do a little more reading and studying in the book of Philippians on this subject then I would like to submit seven to you today…(by the way…for those who are unaware of this, if you will just click on the verses listed below they will automatically appear on your screen in another window.)

#1 – Philippians 1:27 – The first word is the one that gets me the most – “whatever!”  AND…please keep in mind that the Apostle Paul was in prison when he penned that verse.  If Paul can instruct us to keep a good attitude when he was in prison they surely we must strive to do the same…even if we are in a difficult marriage.

#2 – Philippians 2:14 – DANG…notice the word “everything” in this verse!  If we would simply submit to this instruction how much better would our marriages be?

#3 – Philippians 3:12-14 – Paul refused to allow the fact that he had fallen short of who he felt God was calling him to be…he was willing to continue the fight!  (Everyone is tempted to give up on their marriage at some point…but if we are followers of Jesus we should be willing to fight FOR it and not just in it!)

#4 – Philippians 3:16 – AHHH!  Most of the time we already know what we need to do and how we need to do it….we know it but struggle to apply it!

#5 – Philippians 4:5-7 – We should be gentle to all (including our spouse) and not be anxious…but rather present our requests to God, knowing that He wants for us to have a great marriage even more than we would actually like to have one.

#6 – Philippians 4:8)  We must fight the temptation to constantly think negative thoughts about our spouse and our marriage.

#7 – Philippians 4:13 should be true about them.

This coming Sunday we will be continuing the “Man Versus Wife” series by taking a look at what the Bible demands of the husband (or husband to be!)  Can’t wait…hope you will join us and bring someone with you.

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