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To Be a Discovery

Every once in a while, a well-meaning agent will tell me all about their client’s exposure, all the conferences they appear at, all the marketshare they’re taking in hopes of geting me to book them… and quite frankly… it turns me off a little bit.

I want to discover something.

Even if I’m not actually discovering it, I want to feeeel like I am. And the agent. is. depriving. me. of. that. feeling.

Sons & Daughters for example.

They were a last-minute addition to STORY when Vicky Beeching got sick. I had never heard of them. They didn’t have an album. They only had one photo of themselves. I couldn’t find them on-line.

But Stephen Brewster, Jay King and Teresa Davis believed in them… and they gave me the dignifying feeling of feeling like I was “discovering them” even if I wasn’t.

I took a chance. A blind chance. And boy did it pay off.

I have never. ever. seen a reaction to a band quite like we got at STORY. Twitter was abuzz. Hashtags lingered for weeks. “All the Poor and Powerless” is being played week after week in churches all over America because of their appearance.

Get 2 of their songs for free at Noisetrade.
Watch video of “All The Poor and Powerless”