Hit and Run

Here’s a little secret about me. I hate almost every new idea that’s presented to me. Ainsley could tell me she got U2 tickets for tomorrow night and I’d grumble about the last-minute plan.

But give me an hour, and I’m a whole new person.

I have to go through some gyrations. I have to process the information. And then I like it… I slowly begin to love it… In fact, I start to get fanatic about it…

So whenever a vendor wants to present something to me in person, I want to say, “No, don’t do that. Shoot me an email. Put it on my desk. Float me the proposal. But then get the heck out. Come back in a little while, and I’ll tell you how I honestly feel. Seriously, I like you. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

It’s called a hit and run.