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My Success Equation Behind @TwitChange & More that MAY Also Work for You!

I am not a great coach (I hope to be some day, but not now).

I’m not saying I am Michael Jordan or Isaiah Thomas, but they have been terrible coaches/GMs.  They were once in a lifetime players though.  Right now, I’m a player and I generally do a terrible job at coaching others to do what I do.  I just do it and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

With that said, I want to attempt to give you a bit of coaching and provide you with some of the factors behind the success of initiatives like TwitChange & aHomeInHaiti.  God and good timing are essential to our success, but that is a journey you’ll have to walk yourself.  These factors, when replicated, should produce success for you too!

Simple Message + Unique Angle on an Extremely Compelling Cause + Convincing Viral Video + Small, Highly Competent Team + A Few Thousand Dollars + Effective Use of Twitter & Facebook + Well Designed One Page Website + Links to Trusted Media Sources on Our Previous Success + Friends Online that Spread the Word + Simple, visible, trusted ways for people to donate + Willingness to Work 80-100 hours per week + An uber influential person that backs you up


Reasonable shot @ success