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3 Results of Controlling Leadership

One of my pet peeves in leadership is the controlling leader.  I recently wrote some warning signs that indicate a leader may be one.  You can read that post HERE, but I keep seeing the type.  Controlling leaders are in every type of organization, including in the church.  (I also wrote about the difference in leading people versus controlling them HERE.)

I recently saw a controlling leader firsthand while working with another organization.  It reminded me that the main reason I’m so opposed to controlling leaders is that it is counter-productive to healthy organizations…and I love healthy organizations.

In fact, here are 3 results I see in teams and organizations with a controlling leader:

Leaders leave – You can’t keep a leader when you control him or her…at least not for long.  Leaders need room to breathe, explore, and take risks.  Controlling leaders stifle creativity, and a real leader will soon look for a place to grow.

Followers stay…many times…but they are often miserable – There are people wired to follow a controlling leader.  If I were using counseling terms, I’d call it co-dependency. Sometimes due to fear of venturing out on their own or because of a false sense of loyalty, they stay, but the controlling leadership makes them miserable.

Organizations stall – Controlling leadership always limits the organization to the strengths, dreams, and abilities of the controlling leader.

Dear leader, take it from a leader who has to discipline himself not to control, controlling leadership simply doesn’t work.  Have you learned that principle?

Have you worked for a controlling leader?  What would you add to my list of the results of controlling leadership?