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Church Trends with Jenni Catron

Continuing the series on the future of the church, I recently connected with Jenni Catron who is the Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Specifically, I was interested in getting Jenni’s take on women in church leadership. Here’s what she had to share.

TONY: What’s a current trend related to women in ministry that you’re seeing churches across the country begin to embrace?

JENNI: I’m excited to see a growing willingness to include women in top leadership roles within our churches. From teaching on Sunday mornings to serving as executive pastors to leading various ministry areas, women are beginning to serve in these leadership roles more consistently.

TONY: How do you see this trend impacting the future of churches?

JENNI: I’m excited to see this balance of leadership within the church because I believe it more accurately reflects the picture of biblical community and the image of God (Genesis 1:27). I believe that by inviting more women to serve and use their giftedness at all levels of leadership we will see the church more fully thriving.

In addition, I think this inclusion of women in leadership is critical for the church in our modern culture. One of my greatest fears for the church is that our young, talented women will walk away from the church because they don’t see an opportunity for their giftedness to be used. This would be a tragedy.

I’m hopeful that the church will continue to invite the giftedness of all believers and resist the urge to allow past bias and cultural history to limit the work of God in our generation and generations to come.

You can follow more of Jenni’s writing and views on leadership through her blog at JenniCatron.tv.