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Communicating Well

FACT #1: We all believe we have something(s) important to communicate.

FACT #2: Most of what we communicate isn’t heard.  Or if it is heard, it isn’t remembered.  Or it doesn’t stick.  It seldom moves people to action.

FACT #3: That sucks.  Especially if we passionately believe in whatever it is we’re trying to communicate!

So here are three principles that are helping guide us at The Orchard Community when it comes to what/how we communicate.

INFORM (What is it?)

People need to be creatively educated and informed.  I’m realizing that we ASSume way too much when it comes to what we *think* people know.  Creatively informing people answers the question: What is it? But that’s not enough.

INSPIRE (Why is it important?)

This is the “why” behind the “what”.  This is the part that connects with people’s hearts and imaginations. You want to inspire people to take action?  Tell stories of those who have!  Let them share how their lives (and the lives of those impacted on the other end) have been changed as a result.  Storytelling, vision casting, celebrating, dreaming…are just a few ways to accomplish this.

INVITE (How do I sign up?)

Critical.  Yet SO OFTEN overlooked.  If you are going to go through the hard work of creatively informing and inspiring hearts…..yet fail to give people a clear next step or way to learn more, sign up, join, etc…..than all of the previous was a waste of time.

Now it’s your turn.  What principles guide how you communicate?