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Topics Announced for Elephant Room

The topics were announced yesterday for Elephant Room:

Preaching to Build Attendance vs. Preaching to Build the Attenders
Matt Chandler and Steve Furtick — moderator: James MacDonald

In this session, we’ll talk about approaches to preaching. Is the goal of the weekend sermon evangelism or sanctification? What does it mean to “preach the word” and how do we know we’ve done it? Is the message helped or hindered by a marketing package? These are just a few of the questions we’ll tackle.

King Preachers Vs. Poverty Preachers

David Platt and James MacDonald — moderator: Mark Driscoll

David Platt, author of Radical, will sit down with James MacDonald to talk about money and the pastor. We’ll look at how materialism has infiltrated the church. Are big beautiful houses of worship an expression of praise or an extravagant self indulgence? What is the biblical standard of living for a minister of the gospel?

Unity: Can’t We All Get Along vs. Discernment: My Way or the Highway
Steven Furtick and James MacDonald — moderator: Mark Driscoll

In this session about unity, we’ll look at how we partner with other pastors and ministries. We’ll ask the questions – What criteria should determine our associations? Is there ever a time to publicly critique another pastor? And from the other perspective – When does our energy over non-essentials limit and isolate our fruitfulness?

Culture in the Church vs. Church in the Culture
Mark Driscoll and Perry Noble — moderator: James MacDonald

In this important session about relevancy, we’ll talk about the church’s engagement with culture. Does it matter that culture sees the church as out of touch? Are movie clips and secular songs effective in leading people to Christ? What do churches miss when they ignore leadership and management principles from the marketplace?

Love the Gospel vs. Share the Gospel
Greg Laurie and Mark Driscoll — moderator: James MacDonald

Our focus is on the Gospel in this session. Why does it seem that those who revel most in the gospel are least effective in seeing people saved and baptized? Why give an invitation when the biblical model of confessing faith is baptism? Does preaching Christ in every sermon require a full explanation of the way of salvation.

Multi Site: Personality Cult vs. God’s Greater Glory
Perry Noble and Matt Chandler — moderator: Mark Driscoll

At a time when multi-site churches are becoming wide-spread, we’ll look at the pros and cons. Is it biblical for us to pastor people we never see? Is multi-site synonymous with massive ego? What dangers must be avoided? What can we say to those who label multi-site an unbiblical ecclesiology and what must they explain?

Compassion Amplifies the Gospel vs. Compassion Distorts the Gospel
Mark Driscoll and David Platt — moderator: James MacDonald

We’ll look at the role of compassion in the work of ministry. In what way is compassion ministry an “easy out” and safe haven from the offense of proclaiming Christ? Are we obligated to express the compassion of Christ beyond the household of faith? Can we elevate compassion without drawing people away from evangelism?

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