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7 Traits of Courageous Leadership

Recently, I posted 7 Characteristics of Cowardly Lion Leadership. In that post, I discussed the characteristics of leaders who fail to have the courage needed to lead well. I thought it only fair to share the reverse post. There are many courageous leaders in our world today, as evidenced by the strong organizations that thrive even during difficult economic times.

Here are 7 traits of a courageous leader:

1. Doesn’t bail on the team when things get difficult.

2. Not afraid to make big requests of others…but willing to pull equal weight to accomplish them.

3. Willing to take the first move into unchartered territory…pursuing the unproven by willingly taking risks.

4. Moves forward by faith…even when the outcome is unclear.

5. Makes hard decisions regarding people…trusting responsibilities to others early and acknowledging when a team member is no longer a good fit for the team.

6. Protects the God-given vision in the midst of criticism, hard economic times, and setbacks.

7. Implements needed changes even when they are uncomfortable or not immediately popular.

Thanks to all the courageous leaders who are leading well! You are making a difference!

When you think of courageous leader, who comes to your mind?

What would you add to this list?