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“Confessions From A Christian”

It was a pleasant surprise to see Tomi Obaro, a friend from church, contribute an article to Racialicious, a blog about race and pop culture I read occasionally.  In “Confessions From A Christian” Tomi articulates a sentiment I imagine many other Christian college students experience.

So often I feel like a minority within a minority within a minority. I so desperately want to participate in these conversations about race and sexuality and pop culture. Slut-shaming on the college campus! Let’s talk about it! Modern Family’s increasingly problematic racial jokes? Check! But so often, I stop myself from joining in, because at some point I fear my religion will come up and I’ll have to apologize or answer for any and all of the Church’s flaws.

I want to include more, but I’ll do the right thing and point you to the source.  I’m grateful for this article (and others like it that Tomi will surely write) that engage cultural assumptions thoughtfully from the perspective of one committed to Jesus.