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Militant Martyr Videos

In the West we are very familiar with the martyrdom videos made by religious extremists as they prepare to kill themselves and others. There’s now such a video on Youtube of an entirely different sort.

Shahbaz Batti was Pakistan’s Minister for Minority Affairs and what some would call a religious extremist. He was killed for opposing Pakistani anti-blasphemy laws. Batti was a Roman Catholic and the second prominent Pakistani leader to be killed for opposing such laws, even as other leaders shy away from opposing these laws. He was inundated with death threats and requested that in the event of his death, a video be posted on the internet, a final testimony of sorts. I strongly urge you to watch this video–it’s only 90 seconds.

Then contrast the final testimony of suicide bombers. What Batti did was suicidal as well, but he died to sow peace and justice and to testify to the reign of the Risen Lord. Not to kill and maim and inflict fear, but to absorb such things.