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Momentum Is Not Self-Sustaining: 6 Things Needed To Keep It Going

There are many posts on the web addressing the issue of how to generate or regain lost momentum.  However, I have never read on post on maintaining positive momentum.  We need to address that issue.

Momentum is not self-sustaining.  It must be continually fed and cultivated, but with what?  In the February 25th issue of Sporting News, the Philadelphia Eagles QB Mike Vick is profiled and what is needed for him to continue his extraordinary comeback next year. 

These principles are applicable to leaders in all disciplines.

  1. Play To Your Strengths – Vick has a completely unique skill-set.  Derrick Brooks says “The guy simply does things that no other quarterback can do.” 
  2. Character – A person’s talent can take them places where their character cannot sustain them.  Vick appears to have experienced genuine life-change.
  3. Continual Improvement – Vick continues to take his amazing skill set to a higher level by improving as a pocket passer. 
  4. Upgrade Your Infrastructure – Teams that maintain momentum support their top producers by placing an improved organizational structure around them.  The Eagles are working to upgrade their offensive line.
  5. Accountability – Many people become complacent during successful times.  Making people continually responsible for their actions is a necessary link for ongoing success.
  6. Adaptability – The market and those you are hoping to reach are always evolving.  What you are doing that made you successful today will not keep you successful tomorrow.

Playing To Your Strengths, Character, Continual Improvement, Upgrading Infrastructure, Accountability, Adaptability.  If you are doing these six things, you are positioning your organization to continue its momentum moving forward.

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Brian Dodd is a church stewardship & leadership consultant. See www.briandoddonleadership.com for additional insights.