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Consider the Lilies: Fujimura on The Four Holy Gospels (Part 4)

by Makoto Fujimura

Jesus tells us to “consider the lilies” (Matthew 6:28). To assist us in taking this step, we benefit much from the artist’s observation and depiction of the outer and inner worlds, and from the poet’s capturing of complex experiences and nuances of life, to help us grow in our capacity to love our neighbors and even enemies, and to empathize with the needs of our world.

Consider The Lilies

“Consider the Lilies” is done with over sixty layers of finely pulverized precious minerals (azurite and malachite), oyster shell white, and painted with sumi ink that has been cured for over a century, as well as gold and platinum powders, and mixed hide glue, to adhere the materials onto the hand-pulled Japanese paper.

The painting depicts Easter lilies, with triumvirate flowers opening up, but with the suggestion that even these common lilies are transformed into a post-Resurrection, generative reality.

From The Four Holy Gospels (Crossway) p. IX, for sale at our online store.

Makoto Fujimura is an artist, writer, and founder of International Arts Movement. He has had over 100 exhibits worldwide, and from 2003-2009 was Presidentially appointed to the National Council on the Arts. An ordained elder (on sabbatical) at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Mako and his wife, Judy, raised their three children in lower Manhattan.

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