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The Future of Evangelicalism: Your Thoughts

There has been quite a bit of ink spilled recently in the blogosphere about the future of Evangelicalism.

My friend Rachel Held Evans wrote a twenty-something’s perspective on the future of the movement, which drew hundreds of comments and elicited thoughtful responses from Carson T. Clark, Living Alternative, Brian McLaren, and Internet Monk.

Around the same time Jimmy Spencer suggested we are witnessing a split in Evangelicalism, while Jonathan Fitzgerald argued it is more of an erosion.

Also, Daniel Kirk and Roger Olson made their own statements about the theological divisions in our evangelical community.

I don’t bring this up to be sensationalistic. I’ve no doubt there is plenty of life left in Evangelicalism. The question is, what will that Evangelicalism look like? Because it certainly feels like we are in the midst of a transitional period.

I’m planning to make a couple suggestions this week for what that change might look like (as well as what I hope it could look like if we handle this correctly), but this morning I want to get your thoughts on a few questions.

Do you see Evangelicalism as being in the middle of some sort of change?

If so, what does that change consist of (split, renewal, reshaping, etc.)?

Is there a figure or movement who, for better or worse, seems to define the direction Evangelicalism might be moving?

Grace and peace.