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When Sunday Isn't a Sabbath

Sunday is quite a busy day for me. Up early for my morning routine, off to church to teach Sunday school and assist with the morning service, usually an afternoon with family, and then back home to host youth group for the evening.

Don’t misunderstand, mostly these are good days. What they are not however is refreshing.

By the time it all ends the toll of a hectic schedule and the exhaustion of pouring myself out in teaching has caught up with me to the point where I’m rather useless on Monday. [One pastor calls it preacher’s hangover, you’re tired, your head hurts, and you keep thinking “wait, what did I say?”]

I think part of the reason I’m so wiped out by Monday is that I don’t really have a Sabbath. I may take it a bit slower on Monday, but between work and school I still have things to do, and though my physical energy comes back to me rather quickly there is a bit more lag time in my emotional and spiritual recovery.

When Sunday is a time you are giving of yourself, it can be hard to set aside the list of things which must be done and be in a place to receive from the sermon or worship before you’re on to the next event.

So, for those of you involved in ministry (either vocationally or as a volunteer), what do you do to recharge? And, more specifically, how do you go about setting aside time to receive spiritually if Sunday cannot be that time for you?

Any advice would be appreciated! Grace and peace.