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The Producer vs The Artist, pt 2

Producing is like wishing an idea into existence.

There’s no telling whether it will actually happen until you start whispering the idea to people around you.

You start with a gentle nudging in your spirit – not entirely sure if you’re meant to do it. But you suspect it. So you become a lobbyist to those around you.

Not everyone is meant to resonate with it. Some people will think it’s stupid. Some won’t understand it. Some will say nothing at all.

But when the right people get excited – or if the idea is confirmed in some way – it catches fire within you.

It becomes a holy irritant in your spirit.

You cannot not do it.

So you become a combination of a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur, a cheerleader, a pastor, a dictator, and a creative director until the idea is…


tortured out of you…

brought to life…


A producer is vital to any great idea.

But if you recruit great people and they do a fantastic job, you don’t really do anything at all.

Except maybe point them in the right direction.

At every event I produce, I’m struck by how little I do when the day arrives.

The STORY 2011 website launches next Monday.

If I can help it.

I have never worked so hard or fought against so many odds to launch an event as this one.

But it has finally come together, and I can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

It’s going to be glorious.

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Ben Arment helps people launch great things. He’s the founder of Dream Year, The Whiteboard Sessions, and STORY in Chicago, and he also wrote a book called Church in the Making. He and his wife Ainsley live in Virginia Beach and have three cowboys, Wyatt, Dylan & Cody.