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Leadership Skills from America’s Top 10 Bosses

What comes to your mind when you think about the best person you have ever worked for?  I bet they believed in you, mentored you, and made each day of work a sheer joy.  Glassdoor.com, which gathers information on employee feelings and executive compensation, just posted their Top 10 list of America’s favorite bosses. 

These people are Apex Leaders, the best at what they do.  Whether you lead a church, business, sports team, or non-profit, read what makes them unique as well as comments from their team.

  1. Positive ChangeFord Motor CEO Alan Mulally –  “Great job on the turnaround.”
  2. RelationshipsGoldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein –  “Keep doing a great job at keeping close relationships with clients and shareholders as well as keeping career interests of employees in mind.”
  3. InnovativeApple CEO Steve Jobs –  “Rock star-like products & CEO. Top-notch innovative people.  Excellent product strategy.”
  4. Team Building – FedEx CEO Fred Smith –  “Management and H.R. have people first policy.  Organization has teams with diverse ethnic and professional background which helps employees to develop strong conflict resolution, supportive spirit, relationship and team skills.”
  5. RespectCostco CEO Jim Sinegal –  “Costco is a great place to work because they show great respect towards their employees.”
  6. IntegritySynopsys CEO Aart de Geus –  “Senior management is highly qualified and competent and has a high level of integrity.  They are very cautious in sailing through current turmoil.”
  7. Talent AcquisitionMcKinsey & Company Dominic Barton – “McKinsey pays a lot of attention to the people they hire; once you get in (if you get in) it’s a great place to work.”
  8. GenerosityProctor & Gamble CEO Bob McDonald –  “Fantastic work; transparency in management; great compensation against peer competitors.”
  9. ApproachabilityEdelman CEO Richard Edelman –  “Senior management is approachable and open to ideas from employees at all levels–a welcome change from some other agency environments–and nearly everyone has a thirst for ‘more’: learning, living, doing.”
  10. Humble – Intel CEO Paul Otellini – “There is no deferential treatment; the CEO to the RCG–all sit in similar cubes and are provided the same resources.”

Positive Change, Relationships, Innovative, Team Building, Respect, Integrity, Talent Acquisition, Generosity, Approachability, Humble.  Leaders, do you have these 10 qualities?  If so, you may be the type of leader someone remembers for the rest of their life.

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Brian Dodd is a church stewardship & leadership consultant. See www.briandoddonleadership.com for additional insights.