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An Invitation To Pain

Earlier this week, I took a second glance at Psalms 119:71, in which David writes these incredibly powerful words:

It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn your statutes.”

A passage of scripture that probably isn’t a fan favorite among us as believers.

Over the past few years, my wife and I have received more requests for counsel or advice from both friends and strangers than I can probably remember. Interesting enough, a majority of it was counsel we had both given before. On several occasions. It finally dawned on me that some people are not in need of any more counsel.

What they need (although I hate to admit it) is more pain. Pain (as it relates to relationships, employment, ministry, and other life decisions) has a way of making you and I remember counsel. Especially counsel we’ve already received. Pain makes you and I make tough decisions; especially those we ordinarily would not want to make. Pain makes us see things for what they really are; instead of just seeing things for how we want them to be.

Many of us wake up every day, running away from pain. We embrace that which is familiar. Or worst, we embrace that which is painless and easy. Show me a confused person and odds are I’ll show you a person who is running from pain. As it relates to where you are, and where you desire to be, ask yourself today:

Do I really need MORE counsel, or do I need to finally get through this PAIN?