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Theology through Technology — Paving The Way For Relevance

Media. That one word entails a world of sensations, experiences, visions, apparitions, stuffed email inboxes, exabytes (yeah, that’s a word) of information, old cell phones, new smartphones, trillions of dollars, mesmerizing messages, absolute bewilderment—a seismic cultural shift. It’s all about media. In today’s info-torrential and media-saturated world, don’t think that the church has gone unchanged. It’s changed — in a big way.

Here we are  smack-dab in the middle of 2011. It’s the age of the Millennials, an 80-million member generation that is more plugged into tech and tuned out to God than any other generation in American history. The world is online; nearly two billion people now have Internet access. A shocking five billion people in the world are cell phone users, tribespersons of Nokia, Apple, Droid, or any of the many other cellular iterations. Amidst the glow of iPads, the buzz of mobile the phones, flash of advertisements, and the ubiquity of WiFi hotspots, the church must somehow get its message across.

Part of reaching this generation is speaking their language—communicating in a way that is understandable and powerful. Churches must embrace technology, redeeming it for relevance and authenticity. In a word, churches need an affordable, professional, and accessible place for all their media needs.

Sounds like a tall order. If you could have your wildest pastoral media dream, what would it be? Blow-you-away awesome graphics for everything (ideally created by an übertalented graphic designer who loves Jesus). Video backgrounds for worship. Church welcome videos. Rocking PowerPoint sermons. Bulletins for every Sunday. Flyers galore. Newsletters. Graphics. Everything. (Dream, dream, dream.)

And if you had to put a price tag on it, what would you be willing to pay? I know, you have a small church, so you’d only be willing to pay, oh, maybe like three cents a day.

Oh, and one other thing. You need a church website. A good one. Like a megachurch website—complete with video and audio. It would have to be a website that was easy to set up, to update, and to use. And it would have to be free.

Is this kind of one-stop media solution possible (outside the realm of your wildest pastoral dreams, of course)? Yes. In a word, it’s Sharefaith—the world’s largest collection of church media. With an online library of over 38,000 designs, and a membership of tens of thousands of churches, Sharefaith is the church’s partner for reaching this generation with the truth of Jesus. We want to help you achieve excellence in your communication, to grow your church, and to reach more people. We invite you to join us.

Okay, one final thing. We’re going to drop the price. Our special promotion with Tony Morgan isn’t going to come along every day, so we want to give you an insane discount: 20% off our regular price.

Basically, your wildest pastoral media dream just came true.

Signup for for a Sharefaith Membership today.