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8 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Super 8

Super 8 is just not that great.  Being a Steven Spielberg production, the quality is obviously very high.  There are some good surprises as well.  The best part of the movie is the acting of Elle Fanning who is going to be a superstar.

However, my final conclusion is that this movie is a remake of E.T. for this generation.

The following are the leadership principles and quotes you can take from the movie:

  1. Embrace Technology – Based in the 70s, the town sheriff meets a teenager wearing a Walkman and says, “Kids going around with their stereos.  Slippery slope.  Just what we need.”  Even it pushes us out of our comfort zones, technology is continually advancing and must be embraced as part of our leadership.
  2. Bad Language – A couple of kids, Charles in particular, had very bad language throughout the film.  There are few things as unattractive as young people who curse.
  3. Insecurity Results In Fear And A False View Of Reality – A town meeting is held because of the ill effects being felt because of the alien influence.  One of the statements made by a lady in the crowd was “It’s the Soviets!”  As leaders, it is important to give our people a strong sense of security.  If not, a sense of panic, gossip, and uncertainty will set in and cause fear and incorrect thinking.
  4. Don’t Let People Steal Your Dreams – As part of the storyline, the children are making a movie.  In an effort to shoot a train derailment scene, the young director wants to destroy another child’s prized train set.  “Don’t let Charles blow your train!” was the advice given.  We’ve let too many people “blow up our trains!”  Protect what is important to you.  Protect your dreams and passions.  
  5. Common Sense – At a key point in the movie, the boys break into their school to look for clues as to the town’s events. “Who breaks INTO a school.  Idiots do that!”  Leaders, this is some of the best advice I ever got – Whatever you are about to do, say it loud.  If it doesn’t sound right or make sense when you say it, then you probably shouldn’t do it.
  6. Destructive Behavior – One of the teenagers in the movie kept getting stoned on marijuana and sleeping through major events.  The evaluation of the younger kids after seeing his behavior was “Drugs are so bad.”  They are correct.
  7. “Bad things happen but you can still live.” – This was said to the alien by the movie’s lead, Joel Lamb played by Joel Courtney.  If you are suffering through a difficult time, please remember that all storms are temporary.  You can and will make it.
  8. The Power Of Forgiveness and Role Of A Father – The movie’s central theme is forgiveness and reconciliation.  Leaders, please know the three most important words you can say to a person are “You are forgiven.”  Forgive people.  With Father’s Day only a week away, maybe the person you need to forgive is your dad.  Just give it some thought, make that phone call or visit, and forgive your father.  The real winner here will not only be him, but you as well.  You don’t need to carry that burden any longer.

In closing, it was a decent movie, just not great.  I would recommend X-Men: First Class instead.  What were your thoughts of the movie?

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Brian Dodd is a church stewardship & leadership consultant. See www.briandoddonleadership.com for additional insights.