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Kevin Vanhoozer | Wrighting the Wrongs of the Reformation

Last year Wheaton held a conference honoring, and interacting with, the work of N.T. Wright. The conference featured Wright – obviously- as well as scholars like Richard Hays and Markus Bockmuehl, among many others.

One of my favorite sessions was with Kevin Vanhoozer, who interacts with Wright from the arena of systematic theology.

For a systematics major, who would identify Wright as my primary theological influence, it was already bound to be fascinating. That proved to be the case, beyond even what I expected. Vanhoozer (who has also played a large role in shaping my theology) was thoughtful, entertaining, and did an excellent job of setting the stage for some unity between Wright and the Reformed tradition.

This morning I came across video of that session, and thought I would share it on the blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. And yes, I know it’s an hour long, but believe me if Wright’s theology interests you at all it will be well worth the time.

Grace and peace.