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Dealing with Doubt as a Leader

Somewhere along the way I was taught to ignore doubt.

Between watching Jean Claude Van Damme movies as a kid, attending Morehouse College as a teen, and watching Gladiator & UFC as an adult, I eventually became a rather doubt-free dude.

This has actually gotten me pretty far.  I have barreled through many tough moments in life and often found success on the other side of doubt.  It’s not that I don’t have doubts, but I have just ignored them for the past few years.

The challenge with ignoring all doubts is that doubt can sometimes be an effective warning sign that you are heading in the wrong direction and need some type of course-correction.  For the past few years, I’ve brushed doubts (and warning signs) off – even when I needed to acknowledge them and make some adjustments.

Here’s my two cents…

Don’t live in doubt.  Don’t allow doubt to make you indecisive and unsure of yourself.  Give it just enough room, though, to make where you are going better then move forward.  Doubt never quite goes away so you just need to learn how to manage it.