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How to Write Every Day | Alarm-clocks and Notebooks

I was almost asleep, in that space where you begin to lose the ability to tell the difference between dreams and reality.

Suddenly, I was awake and out of bed, fumbling in the dark through the items on my dresser.


Because I had an idea, and I had to find my notebook and write it down before I forgot.


In April of 2010 I decided on a whim to post here every day for thirty days straight. It was a tough slog, but I managed to come up with something new each day.

Afterwords I had a few months of nearly constant posting, and then a few slower months. But since January I’ve posted at least six times every week (I usually take Sunday off). And, thankfully, it has become far easier than it was that first go.

I’ve been asked a number of times how I find the time and ideas to post that often, so I thought I’d let you in on my secret.

I get up freakishly early, and I write things down.

That’s about it really.

On a typical day I’m up at 5:00/5:30, so that I have time to read and write. It’s quiet and peaceful, and I sit there with the day’s first cup of coffee and type away.

Any other time of day I have an endless list of responsibilities and distractions, but early in the morning is my time.

To the rest of the day I’ve added one simple thing that makes those early hours far more productive. I carry a notepad (a pocket Moleskine to be precise) everywhere I go, and I’m always thinking in terms of stories and writing. So, when I come across an article, or have an idea for a post, or see something fascinating at a bookstore – I write it down.

If I don’t I’ll lose the idea in about five minutes.

So when I get myself out of bed far before the sun rises, I have something to write about.

Writing every day is hard work, but with practice and discipline it’s quite possible – for me and for you.

Grace and peace.