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In One Moment

I was talking to another pastor the other day and he wanted to connect me with a guy who could help me. We were working through some things at the church and he thought his friend could be of assistance.

He’d known the guy forever and he’s really great. So he just pulled out his phone, hit one button, and sent me all of this guy’s phone numbers, emails, contacts, etc. With the push of one button, he basically gave me access to a relationship that he’d been building for years.

It got me thinking about how through salvation, in one moment, Jesus gave us access to the Father. It’s so simple, yet remarkably profound when you think through some of the implications.

In one moment, Jesus did for you what you couldn’t do for yourself with all of your moments combined.

In one moment, all of God’s promises became available and applicable to you through Jesus.

In one moment, even your worst moments went from testifying against you to working for you.

In one moment, Jesus connected us with someone He has spent an eternity building a relationship with.

And because of that one moment, now we can spend an eternity of moments building that relationship, too.