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Deeper Story | The Gospel of Busyness

My monthly post is up at Deeper Story, and this time it’s about The Gospel of Busyness.

You can read an excerpt below, and find the rest here.

Grace and peace.

We’ve bought into the gospel of busyness. We’ve accepted the story we are constantly told – that our value rests in what we can produce, that we are loved for what we can accomplish.

So we push ourselves harder and harder. We sleep less, we work more, and we accomplish a great deal.

But in the process we begin to forget how to sit,

and think,

and breath,

and pray…”


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Mason is a husband to Melinda, seminary student, youth pastor, blogger and freelance writer in, Grand Rapids, MI. He is passionate about theology, community and justice. What little time is left amidst his busy schedule is devoted to reading, coffee snobbery and a new adventure in home brewing.