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Confession of Sin Endears Christ to the Soul

by Jonathan Parnell

Thomas Watson:

Confession of sin endears Christ to the soul. If I say I am a sinner, how precious will Christ’s blood be to me! After Paul has confessed a body of sin, he breaks forth into a gratulatory triumph for Christ: “I thank God through Jesus Christ” (Romans 7:25).

If a debtor confesses a judgment but the creditor will not exact the debt, instead appointing his own son to pay it, will not the debtor be very thankful? So when he confesses the debt, and that even though we should forever lie in hell we cannot pay it, but that God should appoint his own Son to lay down his blood for the payment of our debt, how is free grace magnified and Jesus Christ eternally loved and admired!

The Doctrine of Repentance, 1668, (Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth Trust, 2009), 35.

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