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Find Your Own Rhythm

I get asked all the time about how I approach my relationship with God. The specifics of how I pray, read the Bible, and other disciplines like that.

How often? How long?
Do I read an entire chapter at a time? A few verses? How do I choose what I read?
Do I have a set formula in prayer? Do I keep a prayer journal?
Etc. Etc.

I’m always glad to answer, but I’m also always quick to offer this one caveat:
You need to find your own rhythm with God.

When it comes to the mechanics of engaging with God through spiritual disciplines, I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all spirituality out there that suits every person. God has hardwired each of us so differently, with unique ways of learning, growing, and connecting with Him.

Some of you are morning people who don’t feel like you’ve really met with God if you’re not up at 4:00 a.m. with a cup of coffee in hand. Others of you are convinced that Jesus is more of a brunch kind of guy who doesn’t even answer prayers until after 9:30.

Some of you like to read whole chapters or books of the Bible at a time. Others of you like to focus on a verse or two at a time.

Some of you have to have marathon prayer sessions with God. Others of you work best in short 3-minute bursts.

Some of you prefer silence. Others of you prefer the Braveheart soundtrack in the background.

None of these are right. None of these are wrong.
None of these are good. None of these are bad.

They’re just different rhythms. Each of which might suit some people beautifully. Or feel like Saul’s suit of armor to others.

Don’t think you’re inferior if your rhythm is different.
Don’t think you’re superior if yours is different either.

There is no wrong rhythm with God. Except a non-existent one.
So find the rhythm that works best for you and get in sync with it.