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Gut Wrenching Truth About 1000Premieres

With 1000 Premieres, I feel a bit like one of the guys responsible for carrying the ark of the covenant across the Jordan…

The water is getting closer, closer, closer… and everyone around is thinking, “Why’s that guy walking right into the water??” =)

I could have sworn the water was going to part before now. But casting vision for something unseen has proven to be difficult.

We had hoped the spirit of faith in this project would carry it through. But judging by the great deliberation, delay and consternation that elder boards are going through to approve a $99 living room premiere, this is going to be one of those “Lazarus is in the grave for four days” experiences for me.

Sorry for the mixed metaphors. =)

So far, only 22 have stood with me. And one of them is my parents. (Love you mom) =)

But I believe, with every fiber of my being, that God has called me to this project. Ainsley and I have invested $15,000 of our own funds in it. And it’s been affirmed in a number of ways…

– Three publishers have expressed interest in partnering.
– A major motion picture company wants to talk.
– One of the leading mega-churches in California has offered us acres upon acres of land to build sets.

It’s astonishing. And I’m moving toward the water at a faster clip than ever. But it’s not parting… yet.

In fact, I’m boarding a plane tomorrow morning for meetings about the project in California, Denver, and Seattle – all before Thursday night. (Say a prayer for me, if you will.)

At this rate, we would need about 10 new premieres a day to reach our funding goal by January 31. I’m not saying that can’t happen. But what you do after reading this blog post is indicative of our challenge.

So we’re ALSO pursuing other funding strategies. We have over 5 grant applications in. We’re approaching potential investors. And since we’re a 501c3, we’re looking for generous donors to reach our $2 million goal.

But I have to admit I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t have any deep pocket connections. I don’t know any millionaires.

All I know is… I believe.

So this is my way of asking if you would believe too. If you would pray. If you would share any connections you have that might help to bring this project to life. And if you would consider hosting a premiere as well.

Until then, I’m wading into the Jordan.