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Propagate Your DNA

So my family and I were watching a BBC special about mammals.

In the special, we learned a very important leadership principle from an Overlord hippo.

One Overlord hippo had like 80 wives.  

And if a younger male challenger came to take some of his wives, he would open his mouth really wide to intimidate the young rival. If that didn’t work, he would fight them off. 

The battle was impressive!  These massive creatures can move! 

My 11-year-old son Jeremiah asked, “Dad, why can’t the Overlord just share?  He has plenty of wives.”

I said, “Son, the Overlord is protecting his DNA.  He is ensuring that his legacy and DNA are passed down to future generations through his hippo children.”

Jeremiah said, “Ok.  That makes sense.”

So what leadership principle did I learn from the Overlord hippo? 

As a leader of a family, business, church, or any organization, you must propagate and protect your DNA.

The DNA of any organization determines the organization’s vision and values.  And your vision and values define who you are.

And who you are determines what you do in this world.

And what you do in the world matters.

Leaders, you propagate and protect your DNA by sacrificially loving , developing, training, and spending intentional time with those you lead.

Marinate on that,

Pastor Derwin