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The Blessing of Breaking Nets

In Luke 5:1-5, the disciples had a problem.

They had been fishing all night, but their nets were empty.

In Luke 5:6-11, after they followed Jesus’ instruction to put out their nets again, the disciples faced a different problem.

Their nets were so full, they started to break.

Recently, I was facing some challenges that seemed overwhelming to me.

I found myself getting a bad attitude, feeling sorry for myself a little, and wishing I didn’t have to carry quite so much stress.

And then it was like the Lord spoke to me:

“At least your nets are full.”

That put it in perspective.

See, a lot of our problems are full net problems.
The kinds of problems that many others would love to have.
Breaking nets are the result of God’s blessings in our lives, if we choose to see it that way.

A messy house full of healthy kids.
A growing church with expansion needs.
A busy schedule because of abundant responsibilities and relationships.

Sure, it’s a strain to pull in the nets when they’re tearing apart from the heavy load.
But it beats sitting in the boat staring at nothing.