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Parents!! Fidelity, Monogamy, and Sexual Purity Matters for Your Sons Too!

(This post has not been edited for errors.  These are my raw, real-time thoughts.)

Recently my wife made an observation that was so powerful to me.  Really, only a woman could make the observation.

She observed that women, from a very young age, are admonished from every angle, to not have sex, keep their legs closed, stay faithful, etc.  As teenagers and young adults, girls and women are already well aware that sex, even beyond pregnancy, is full of so many consequences – including damage to their name & reputation. Consequently, it is a VERY RARE instance when a woman of influence, in politics or business, is taken down by some issue of sexuality.

As a boy, as a teen, as a young man – I heard almost none of this.  Aside from a few STD talks here and there, I never heard one single talk about how unchecked sexuality could ever damage my reputation, my career, or my name in any way.  Those talks just don’t happen.


True or otherwise, Herman Cain, once leading in the polls for the Republican nomination for President, has been all but ruined by this issue.  It has honestly ruined his name, his brand, and any chance he could ever be President.  Just a few minutes ago he “suspended his campaign”.

Newt Gingrich, now leading in many polls for the Republican nomination, has admitted to two affairs on previous wives.  This will kill him if he gets the nomination – particularly in light of the extreme faithfulness of President Obama.  Newt is such a sharp, educated thinker and his past issues with fidelity are probably his biggest weakness.  What a shame!

The same is true for so many men!

I’m not here to blast Cain or Newt or any other man taken down by sexual issues, but I am here to say that it’s time that parents and leaders begin to take real time out to educate and inform the boys and young men of our world that their sexuality matters to their future, it matters to their career, it matters to their money, it matters to their name.

I’m going to start teaching my only son this lesson early.  I hope you’ll join me!