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Maybe the Best, Most Important, Lifechanging Book I’ve Read All Year. Get it Now and Thank Me Later!

(This post has not been edited for errors. In a hurry. It’s all true though 🙂

I am on a layover in Phoenix on my way to New Jersey.  What I’m about to tell you was so important that I had to pull my laptop out, find some WiFi and write this post right away!

On the way here from Long Beach I started reading 1 of 2 books I just bought and almost fell asleep.

I decided to try the other one.  Right away, IT WOKE UP, rocked my world, and has caused me to change and reconsider some serious habits in my life. Yes. I’m serious.

No. This is not a paid ad and nobody asked me to write this.

The book is named Brain Rules.  What you will learn there after reading it for 30 minutes will change your life and show you some immediate strategies to maximize your brain. It was shocking actually.  No joke, this book was like the written version of that pill in the movie “Limitless”.

Get it now.

As I grow and take on a few new world-changing projects, I was looking for something to allow me to significantly increase my capacity and longevity. This is it.  It will also change how I parent my children.  I have to run. Get the book.

You’re welcome.

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