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The Focus of Attention

Ever been around someone who has to be the focus of attention? And do you remember what it feels like being around that person? It feels like the person is needy and something is lacking so he/she is grabbing all the attention they can to compensate for something that is lacking.

Ever been that person who has to have all the attention focused on you? Remember the feeling? You feel empty and selfish. It’s a self-serving experience to make sure you are the focal point.

In the wisdom literature of the Bible it reminds warns us, “Don’t call attention to yourself, let others do that for you.” (Proverbs 27:2) If we live a life that is constantly pointing to others, people will notice and be attracted to us. Who doesn’t want to be around a person that let’s them be the center of attention.

One of the great paradox of life is this: focus your life’s attention on others and the attention of others will be drawn to you.