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Your Idea vs The World

Bringing your dream to life is no easy task.

No one wants another speaker, another author, another business, album, movie or social justice orgaization. As Godin says, the marketplace rewards the winners and has no tolerance for new entrants to the playing field.

People prefer socially validated ideas – the churches others are already attending, the books others are already reading, the movies they’re already seeing.

And you won’t get much help from your boss. Your job pays to be a cog in the machine, not bring your dream to life on their dime. At one job, my boss mockingly referred to my Molekine as my “happy book.” My livelihood is now being sustained, by God’s grace, by what’s in my “happy book.”

Acquisition editors roll their eyes at wannabe authors who vye for their attention. They simply don’t want to meet with you about your book idea. They get too many proposals.

The easiest part of writing is a book… is writing the book. It’s a cakewalk compared to getting anyone to pay for its production.

Your dream is “against all odds.” This doesn’t mean it’s impossible. But it takes tremendous resolve, insight, hard work and focus to make it happen. And it can happen.

This is exactly why I created Dream Year.

I believe that if you have a dream, God put it there for a reason. You are supposed to bring it to life. Forget convention. Forget the naysayers. Forget perceived risk (your day job isn’t secure either)… you simply must bring it to life.

You have to.

It’s part of why you were put on the earth. And if you don’t do it, someone else will be handed the privilege.

Dream Year coaching gives you two tremendous advantages: a personal champion and confidant in me… and collaboration with a team. We’ll walk through a proven process to bring your dream to life. This year can be the year it happens.

You’ll get access to weekly online lessons, a monthly call with me, free admission to STORY and Dream Year weekend, and membership to a fraternity of dreamers.

The deadline to apply for Dream Year coaching ends tonight at midnight. But I’ve mistakenly been referring to a Saturday deadline… so Saturday night it is.