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Not Sure I’ll Ever “Pastor” Again

(This post has not been edited for errors. These are my raw thoughts.)

A few times a week someone asks me if I plan on starting another church or pastoring again.  I wanted to take a few moments to answer this question.  In short, I’m not sure I’ll ever “pastor” again.

I was licensed to preach 15 years ago as a 17 year old high school senior in Kentucky.  I was ordained as a pastor about 10 years later.

I started building the team for Courageous Church in Atlanta in 2008 and really thought I’d be there for the rest of my life.  When I stepped down a few months ago I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with myself.

I’m hesitant to speak in absolute terms by saying that I’ll never pastor again, but I don’t plan on it.  My family and I felt very strongly about this a few months ago, but my thoughts were centered more in the pain and ugliness I experienced in my final months as pastor of Courageous Church.  Now that I’m in a much healthier place overall, I still don’t think I’ll ever be a Lead Pastor again.

I’ll always care for people.  I’ll always help people.  I’ll always be a speaker and a teacher.  I hope to train pastors more.  I’ll always be a pastor at heart.  I still want to serve God – even more so actually.  I still care about the church and hope to always be a part of a local church in some capacity (I am serving a local church now).

However, when I look into my future, I don’t have any plans for starting another church or even leading an established one.  I don’t think I missed God or misunderstood my calling the past 15 years…quite the contrary.  I feel like the past 15 years prepared me perfectly for what’s ahead.  Of course I can’t predict exactly where I’ll be in 20 years or if I’ll even be alive, but my best guess is that moving forward I’ll continue to work with social media & projects, local/international causes, writing, and a few other surprises.

I am happy.  My family is happy.  The team that is guiding and supporting me feels like I am on the right path.  I feel like God is pleased.  That’s all.