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Solve a Problem

A sneak peek into the content of Dream Year:

“What problem is your dream trying to solve? It doesn’t have to be a social justice issue. It could be the lack of a good restaurant in your city, a rarely addressed subject in books or the absence of a particular kind of church. But your dream must address a problem. If there’s not a problem, why should anyone care?

“Seth Godin once described the difference between marketing Aspirin and vitamins. Aspirin is much easier to sell because it solves a problem. Vitamins, on the other hand, are a harder sell. They don’t resolve an immediate, blaring problem.”


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Ben Arment helps people launch great things. He’s the founder of Dream Year, The Whiteboard Sessions, and STORY in Chicago, and he also wrote a book called Church in the Making. He and his wife Ainsley live in Virginia Beach and have three cowboys, Wyatt, Dylan & Cody.