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Social Media Predictions

  • The honeymoon is over. Social media fatigue has set-in
  • Social media has downgraded the power of the singular voice. I don’t even remember that Seth Godin blogs until I happen to catch a retweet. It’s like roaming through a crowded party catching a conversation here and there
  • Authoritative blogs are on the way out. If everyone’s an expert, no one’s an expert. Observations are in
  • Tumblr is a symbol of the observational approach. Yet there’s authority in observational prowess
  • Every social media platform is on the way out. Just when I catch on to Instagram, everyone’s replacing it with The Path. Twitter’s just one SXSW away from obsolescence
  • There are four kinds of blogs, in my opinion:
    – The aggregator
    – The community builder
    – The shock jock
    – The teacher
  • Shock jocks can’t teach you how to blog. They’re been mastering “class clown” since the first grade
  • The more aware of which kind of blogger you are… and focused on doing it… the more effective you’ll be
  • Number of Twitter followers is the everyman’s approval rating. The more we tweet, the more followers we lose
  • The prevailing approach to increasing readership seems to be doing more on the feed. But the most effective way would be to do more “off the feed” … or in real life