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5 Reasons Why Evernote is a Great App for Leaders


I continue to write posts about one of my favorite productivity applications.  It’s called Evernote. Evernote is a note/picture/voice taking productivity application used on laptops and mobile devices. If you aren’t familiar with it, let me share with you five reasons I love this product:


Evernote allows me to put a note, picture, or voice recording into the application and then Evernote automatically syncs with my other devices. Whether I’m using my iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro, I input once and am updated on all three, and it does it quickly and without error. I place my notes into files that are searchable and specific to the subject matter. Every blog post I write starts as a separate Evernote file. I also capture eBooks, articles and blog posts I want to read later with Evernote. 


Evernote is with me wherever I go. I sometimes carry my phone with me when I’m walking the dog. I can quickly put thoughts that come to me into a file in Evernote as I walk. (She’s sometimes slow!) If I see a picture, I can snap it and place it in an Evernote file for later use. I use it to help me remember products I see on the shelf and want to research later. 


Evernote fuels my creativity, because it allows me the freedom to think in the moment. I no longer have to wait until I get back to my laptop to brainstorm. I’m less likely to forget ideas, because I can record them as they come to me in the appropriate file. I am constantly snapping the picture of something that triggers a creative thought. 


I never have to lose a thought again! There is seldom a time where I would not have one of these devices with me, so whenever I have a thought, I always have a place to record it, which again, automatically syncs with the other devices. I’ve yet to have the application crash, freeze, or fail to sync. 


Evernote is a free application! You can’t beat the price for such a productive tool. Evernote is finding new ways to share information. If you notice at the end of each post now I have an Evernote share icon. You can now save my posts into your Evernote application. (How cool is that?) I have since moved to the premium service, which is extremely cheap, to make sure I never run out of space.  

Recognizing that some people struggle where to get started, I wrote Evernote for Pastors. It’s a very non-techie (like me) introduction to the product and practical ways it’s making me a better pastor. 

If you are looking for a way to stay more organized and be more productive, check out Evernote for Pastors