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7 Ways to Lead with a Limp

This is an encouragement to those who are limping in leadership.

The truth is the best leaders I know have a limp of some nature. It may not be a literal, physical limp or even visible, but if you are around them long, they will display remnants of a previous injury.

They may have had a failure that crippled them for a season. They may have messed up. They may have made a mistake. They may have lost their way. They may have even been tempted to quit, but they pushed forward, never to be the same again.

With that in mind…

Here are 7 ways to lead well with a limp:

Don’t hide it

There is most likely a younger leader around you who feels they’ve lost their way…or will some day. They need your guidance. They need your encouragement. They need to see by example they can get up again and move forward.

Don’t be a martyr

No one enjoys a complainer or someone who is always making excuses. You suffered a failure. You had a setback. You made a mistake. Don’t wallow in your misery forever. It’s not an attractive characteristic in leadership.

Allow it to strengthen you

Allow your limp to make you a better person and leader. Let your limp strengthen your leadership abilities, even if it’s learning what not to do next time.

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