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Election: Calvinism or Arminianism? Or a 3rd Option?

What about people in hell (Reprobation)?

As Reformed theologian, Dr. Wayne Grudem, says “Reprobation is the sovereign decision of God before creation to pass over some persons, in sorrow deciding not to save them, and to punish them for their sins, and thereby to manifest his justice” (Bible Doctrine, 291).


Pastor Mark Driscoll and theologian Gerry Bershears make a great point when they say “if Calvinism is right and no payment has been made for the non-elect, then how can God genuinely love the world and desire salvation for all people?” (Doctrine, 270).

In classic Calvinism, God predetermines who the elect will be in spite of His foreknowledge.


In this view, God in His omniscience (all-knowing-ness) knows in advance what choices every human being will make; therefore, He knows who will accept or reject His offer of eternal life. In this view, because of God’s omniscience, He is sovereign over the universe. His sovereign control is based on His foreknowledge of how people will use their free will in response to His prevenient grace, which enables them to receive or reject His Eternal Son.

What about people in hell?

People in hell are there because they rejected God’s offer of eternal life through His eternal Son, Jesus.


If God’s choice to save is based on a freewill decision by those who choose to accept Jesus, then salvation is based not on divine-grace, but on human will. This makes God dependent on man. I believe this perspective contradicts the biblical narrative (John 1:13, Ephesians 2:8-9, Titus 3:5-7; Ephesians 1:-11).

In classic Arminianism, God makes His decision of who the elect will be, based on His foreknowledge.