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6 Signs Your Church Is Dysfunctional, Part 2

3. Speak truth. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth about the culture, and when appropriate, the leadership. There will probably be some pushback, or even retaliation, but as you tell the truth with grace and humility, you may be heard–or it may reveal that you need to go.

4. Recognize the Lord may have other reasons for keeping you in your position. Perhaps you have another ministry in your city or church. If that is the case, contribute where you can in your job, recognize how it provides for your family, but focus your energies on your ministry. I know some who continue to work in unhealthy organizations, but stay out of devotion to their local church ministry or other calling. They endure the unhealthy organization to pursue their calling with joy.

These are not easy answers. It may be some are struggling in their places of service and don’t know where to turn. I encourage you to pray and seek the Lord’s wisdom in your calling. It may be that you will be called to do some difficult yet courageous things.

Have you left a ministry? Have you stayed? What was the result? Did you make the wise choice? What did you learn? Share your thoughts with us below.

As I am doing for this particular series, the comment rules about anonymous posting are suspended but please be wise in the words/names used in your comments.

I will share one more post on the subject in the coming days…

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