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Four Things That Make A Children’s Ministry Successful!

Guest Post by Cherie Duffey

Clear Ministry Vision-  Our vision in KidSpring is to teach kids about Jesus on their level. Our “Jesus on their Level” vision was born out of Perry’s heart to do church differently.  No kids were allowed in the adult service in the early days of NewSpring so adults could learn Biblical truths appropriate for adults.  The benefit for KidSpring is that every kid birth through 5th grade comes through our ministry!!  That gives us the opportunity to teach Biblical truths in an age appropriate way that builds a spiritual foundation in the next generation.  Our values that support our vision are relationships, age appropriateness, creative Bible teaching, safety, and fun!

Focus on Relationships  Relationships are just one of the important values we have in KidSpring.  It’s our desire that every child experience a personal relationship with Jesus while growing in their friendships with each other and with their leaders.  As parents commit to coming to the same service, we partner with them to provide a consistent small group for their child to be a part of.  As kids grow in their friendships with the same kids, and as leaders pour into the same kids each week, spiritual friendship and foundations are formed and create an irresistible reason for coming to church.  Kids don’t want to miss their friends or their leaders and leaders don’t want to miss other leaders or their kids!

Eye for Evaluation-   One of the ways we gain success is by failure!  We make a weekly habit of evaluating our values and vision.  We celebrate the wins but we take action against the losses.  We ask for input from our volunteers, parents and staff.  Our biggest form of evaluation comes from hearing our kids answer the following questions, “Did you have fun?” and “What did you learn?” We only get better as we evaluate the details that make our children’s ministry excellent for kids.

Fun- Kids love fun! We realize that when children have fun at church, they can’t wait to come back. We value creating fun ways for children to learn about Jesus and we make sure our children’s ministry budget reflects it!

Cherie Duffey is the children’s ministry director at NewSpring Church.  You can follow her on twitter right here!

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