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Top Ten Temptations That Leaders Face

1. Devoting more time to an online audience (Twitter/Facebook) rather than leading your family, your staff, and investing in the REAL people that God is bringing to your church every week!

2. To go at an unrealistic pace that is completely unsustainable and excusing it by saying that things are eventually going to slow down.  (Once again, here is a post I did on 10 Signs That You Are Near a Burnout/Meltdown!)

3. Holding onto the idea that “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”; therefore, refusing to delegate things that God has not gifted/equipped you to do.

4. Believing the lie that “if I take care of the church, God will take care of my family” and neglecting the bride that God has given me because I am having an affair with HIS Bride!

5. Believing that “if I just pray about it long enough, it will work itself out.”  Prayer is often an excuse for passivity and inactivity!  Remember, God DID tear down the walls of Jericho…but Joshua and the Israelites still had to go in and take the city!