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Opportunity Seeks Out The Prepared

You ever wonder why some people seem to get all the great opportunities?

Why does that keep happening “to those people?”

Great opportunities pursue them because they are prepared for them.

The opportunities that you and I receive will correlate to the level of our preparation for those opportunities.

How do we prepare for great opportunities? 
Be faithful with the opportunities you have right now.

  • I didn’t start my preaching ministry preaching to 40,000 people in a stadium. I remember preaching to four high school students in 1999 in rural Montana. I gave them everything I had, not to advance to something greater, but because they mattered to God. They were “the greater.” If we are faithful with the little things God can trust with bigger things. 

Train and develop your skills.

  • Whatever it is that you do, read about it and learn from others who do what you want to do. Here’s the deal, most people talk about being great, but few are prepared to sweat and bleed to become great. It takes many lonely hours of training to be great and prepared. 

Have a passion to make of other people’s lives better.

  • Why do you want greater opportunities? Is just for your ego? Or is it to help people realize their God-given potential? 

Great opportunities surround you, are you prepared to seize them?

Marinate on that,

Pastor Derwin