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Assessing Your Team

For years, I’ve been asked about Granger’s senior leadership team model. Other church leaders have asked…

  • How does your team work?
  • Is it true that Beeson rarely pulls out his “I’m In Charge” card?
  • How is it possible your team has senior leaders who have stayed for so long?
  • How is it possible you guys have so many high profile leaders (authors, speakers, consultants), yet you still work as a team?
  • How do you guys not get bogged down in micro-details of running the organization?

It seems like more churches than ever have moved to a senior leadership team model–but they are all over the board on how they operate. Some work better than others.

That’s why I was excited when Warren Bird told me about a Harvard-based, limited-time FREE team assessment that is being conducted for churches to help them determine their effectiveness.

I just took the assessment yesterday. The rest of our team is doing it this week. We are excited to see the results and find ways we can excel in our team dynamics.

Thanks to a grant, generous funding, and special arrangements from a Harvard-based project, your church’s senior leadership team can also jump in on this study and receive the following three reports at NO COST:

1. Team Assessment Report. You’ll receive a report rating your team on the 3 essential and 3 enabling conditions of leadership team effectiveness, as explained in the book, Senior Leadership Teams: What It Takes to Make them Great. This assessment is based on the Team Diagnostic Survey developed by Harvard Researchers and Hay Group consultants, normally only offered to corporate senior leadership teams through a consulting arrangement with the Hay Group. In other words, this is legit! (See this sample report).

2. Customized Action Steps Report. Practical, actionable tips you can implement with your team right away to enhance your team’s effectiveness, based on the team assessment and comparison to other senior leadership teams at similar sized and typed churches.

3. National Profile Report. A descriptive comparison report of church leadership team membership, communication practices, and effectiveness ratings, which will allow you to compare your team to others in similar sized and typed churches.

Interested? You can get started on this registration page. Or, if you still need more information, check out these FAQ’s.

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Tim Stevens served as the executive pastor of Granger Community Church in Granger, IN, for twenty years before joining Vanderbloemen Search Group as the Director of the Executive Search Consultant Team where he helps churches and ministries around the world find their key staff. Tim has a passion for the local church and equipping leaders with practical advice and tools about church staffing and church leadership. He has co-authored three books with Tony Morgan, including Simply Strategic Stuff, Simply Strategic Volunteers, and Simply Strategic Growth, and authored three books of his own, including Fairness Is Overrated: And 51 Other Leadership Principles To Revolutionize Your Workplace. Connect with Tim at LeadingSmart.com.