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This History of You

I did some fascinating over the weekend —> I plotted the significant moments of my life on a timeline.

I marked them above, below or on the line to reflect whether they were good, bad or neutral.

Turns out, the best times in my life were when I got married, had kids… and was starting things. The down-times were when I maintaining status quo, just managing things, and getting by.

I don’t believe we go through “ruts.” I think we’re just ignorant about how we’re wired. We don’t know where our sweet spot is, so we go banging into walls trying to make those places work.

A little challenge for your Monday —> Plot the signifcant moments of your life (the good, the bad, and the indifferent) on a timeline – with the position reflective of your enjoyment.

Now why were those experiences good? Or why were those experiences bad? What does that tell you about yourself?