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Pouring My Heart Out!

Hello My Friend,

Every now and then I have to lay it all on the line and pour my heart out.  This is one of those times.  For the next few days I am perfectly willing to make a complete fool of myself begging and pleading for your help.  What we have means that much to me and hope it will mean that much to you.

Since we launched just 3 months, HopeMob has successfully told & mobbed 22 stories with hope! Check them out here.

Our next two stories, though, need us to step and step up quickly.  They are urgent and time-sensitive.  I’ve been careful not to use the word emergency in the past few months, but I could use it now.  Currently, we are featuring an amazing story about 24 8th grade students from the poorest slum in Kenya that fought tooth and nail to get through the year last year.

They are some of the brightest teenagers on the planet, but live in a country where education is a privilege and not a right.  For $5,000 we can fully fund 9th grade for these 24 students.  I personally know the team that runs this high performing school.  We are hoping to raise this $5,000 by this Wednesday and need your help getting there.  The students and the school need the funds.

Please donate now @ HopeMob.org.  100% of your donation goes to the story – we even cover the fees.

We need to rush and get this funded for 2 key reasons.

#1. The students need the funds.

#2. The story that is waiting in line to be told is of a beautiful young girl, Daisy Love Merrick, that is battling cancer with everything she has and her family needs our help paying for her treatment.  We know Daisy’s parents and we want to give them everything they can to help Daisy win this fight with cancer.  Here’s Daisy 🙂

Our goal is to raise $100,000 for Daisy and her family. We don’t know how we are going to do it but we know she needs it.  It will be our largest goal ever, but we are believing that the HopeMob community is going to show up in amazing ways.

OK HopeMob! Please, pretty doggone please – help us nail this $5,000 to support these sharp students in Kenya and then let’s get ready to MOB DAISY WITH HOPE!

Do it all now @ HopeMob.org!