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From the Archive: An Ounce of Anointing

I tweeted last night: An ounce of anointing is more precious than a thousand tons of talent.

When I say anointing, I’m talking about the supernatural enabling of the Holy Spirit.

If you’ve got it, you’ll do greater things for God than you can imagine, and live a remarkable life for His glory.

If you don’t, you won’t.

If you’re anointed by God, you’ll do things far beyond your capability. You’ll live in a constant state of humility, because you need the Lord for every step, every breath, every situation. You’ll live in constant amazement at all the ways He comes through for you.

If you’re not anointed by God, even your strengths will become weaknesses in time. You’ll still do good stuff, maybe even impressive stuff. But it won’t have eternal power in it, and it will be just a small slice of what you could have done, if the Lord was doing it through you.

Talent is a great thing to have. It’s a gift from God.
But having talent without anointing is kind of like having seatwarmers in a car but not having an engine under the hood.

God can work in spite of our lack of talent. Through the anointing, even our weakness can become a playing field for the Lord to show off His strength.
Ask Moses.

But talent alone isn’t enough to get the job done if you don’t have God’s power behind it. You’ll come up short in the end.
Ask Samson.

I’m asking God today for a fresh anointing on my life.