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Pastor Herbert Cooper: Why Church Communications Matter

At Catalyst I interviewed Pastor Herbert Cooper on why church communications matter. Herbert grew up in Wewoka, Oklahoma, sixty miles east of Oklahoma City off I-40. He graduated from Evangel University in Springfield, MO, in 1997, with a Biblical Studies major and a Psychology minor. As a scholarship athlete (football) and full-time student, Herbert still found time to preach revivals and youth camps across America throughout his collegiate career. Herbert is the Founding and Senior Pastor of People’s Church.

Why do church communications matter? 

Because, we are in the communication business. Ultimately the goal is to effectively communicate the Gospel through every tool to see lives changed. That means sermons, social media, website, video, everything.

Why is it important for churches to communicate effectively?

Because the outcome of people’s eternity is at stake. Additionally, the DNA of church must be communicated regularly to sink in the hearts of people. We need to communicate the heart of our church until people are sick of hearing it.

How can churches communicate better? 

Maximize stage time. Every weekend you have your church sitting and listening. Leverage this time to creatively communicate the mission, strategy and vision of your church.

Beyond Sunday the church must leverage all the technology available to engage people during the week. Use a strategic mix of social media, technology, etc.

As a Senior Pastor, how important are church communications to you?

Important enough to have a full time creative arts team and have an Executive Pastor of Creative Arts whom is a part of our Executive Team. Every Senior Pastor should value and empower great marketing and communications.