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You May Be Addicted to Social Media If . . .

Some are funny . . . some are serious . . .

1. You introduce yourself as your twitter name rather than your real name (“Hey, I’m @rockandrollboy247!”)

2. You speak in sentences that have 140 characters or less.  

3. Your biggest desire in life is to get retweeted or @ replied to by someone who you perceive to be important!  

4. You know more about the people you say you love the most because of what you read on social media rather than because you have actually had real, live conversations with them.  

5. You are at a table with friends and EVERYONE is engaged with their smartphones rather than actually talking to and enjoying time with one another. (If you have not read the confessional post I did entitled “Breaking An Online Addiction” then I would invite you to do it . . . I think it will seriously help some people that MAY be struggling with this!)    

6. You cannot go for more than five minutes without checking twitter/facebook to see what is being said to or about you.  

7. When you get an alert on your phone it controls/consumes you and you feel like you must automatically respond (even if it means stopping something extremely important) or all will not be right in the world.  

8. Your spouse and your children are merely background noise and are somewhat annoying when they disrupt what you are trying to do online. (If you have not seen the video I did about this last week then you can check it out here.)  

9. You text/tweet people who are in the room with you in order to communicate with them!!!